Extreme Move: Loudness Control Software Plug-In Arrives


TV and video advertising workflow solutions company Extreme Reach is deploying the Minnetonka Audio loudness control software plug-in for their cloud-based operations.

The AudioTools plug-in for Harmonic Promedia Carbon supports audio management for both television advertising and for all other video advertising media, including on-demand, streaming, and OTT applications that have undergone tremendous growth in recent years.

Extreme Reach offers a start-to-finish workflow for TV and video ads with talent and rights management. They had previously been using a custom variant of Minnetonka’s AudioTools plug-in for Harmonic Promedia Carbon, a media transcoding platform, to manage loudness for their transcoded media. The upgrade eliminates a step in the transcoding process while providing loudness control on all files.

“To build an improved, scalable solution for the future, we needed best-in-breed loudness management software that was also cloud-friendly,” says David Unsworth, VP of Technical Operations at Extreme Reach. “Telos Alliance TV Solutions Group’s engineering and sales teams worked with us to upgrade our cloud-based workflow using an enhanced version of Minnetonka Audio’s loudness plug-in for Harmonic Promedia™ Carbon, ensuring that we could scale up as required without spending more than we needed.”

“Since implementing the new cloud plug-in solution on the transcode servers which create our mezzanine files, the number of loudness-related issues our QC and Support team typically deals with has dropped to almost zero, significantly reducing the costs associated with this support,” adds Mr. Unsworth. “Every spot is processed with consistently accurate loudness.”