Minority-owned broadcaster nailed on EEO


Entravision Holdings’ Brownsville-McAllen TX radio group, which includes KFRQ-FM Harlingen, KNVO-FM Port Isabel, KVLY-FM Edinburg and KKPS-FM Brownsville, has been hit with an admonishment for failing to follow EEO job notification procedures. From 4/2/03 through 4/1/05, the group’s recruiting efforts were deemed insufficient. FCC stated the company relied on "its corporate internet website, the stations’ on-air advertisements, word-of-mouth, walk-ins, unsolicited job applications, or internal job postings." None of these methods were broad enough to fill the bill. Luckily for Entravision, the violations occurred in a prior licensing period and renewals have already been granted, so the group got off with a cash-free admonishment and reporting conditions.

RBR/TVBR observation: There you have it. Just because you’re running a minority operation, staffed with an exemplary number of individuals from the minority population, does not get you off the hook for following required EEO procedures. Yeah, it probably seems a little bit like when the nurse wakes you up to give you a sleeping pill, but the rules are the rules.