Mississippi Public Broadcasting upgrades with Jampro


Jampro Antenna Systems announced MPB is in the installation phase at all eight of its Class C FM stations to replace 25-year old antennas with new Jampro model JHPC-HD high-power Penetrator antenna systems. The project was funded through a grant from the Digital Distribution Fund of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
Jampro’s are being installed at WMPN, Jackson; WMAH, Biloxi; WMAV, Oxford; WMAU, Bude; WMAO, Greenwood; WMAW, Meridian; WMAE, Booneville and WMAB at Mississippi State University in Starkville. Averaging 10-bays per station, Jampro, under a turn-key contract, will supply and install the antennas and six transmission lines using Jampro’s Proline rigid cables. Antennas will be mounted on MPB towers ranging from 500 to 1,500 feet and be installed one at a time using a traveling Jampro auxiliary antenna to remain on-air while replacements are made.
“We are not only replacing eight antennas and six transmission lines, but also did pattern optimization.  That is especially important for us because these are all non-directional stations and we wanted the best overall circular pattern to ensure that our coverage lands over the largest amount of population with the greatest penetration possible,” said Bob Buie, MPB’s deputy director for technical services.