MJ dishes on labels


Michael Jackson had an open-ended question to answer on an edition of ABC’s “Good Morning America” — “What is your greatest lesson learned?” – he could have gone in any direction. But he chose to warn other musicians about record labels. He learned “Not to trust everybody. Not to trust everybody in the industry. There’s a lot of sharks, and record companies steal. They cheat. I have to audit them. And it’s time for artists to take a stand against them.”

RBR/TVBR observation: You can say, “Well, that’s one artist with an axe to grind.” But the story is commonplace. And if that’s how it is for an established superstar, imagine life with a label for a powerless up-and-coming act. C’mon, Mr. Conyers – you’ve raked radio over the coals several times. When do we get that hearing on Artists v. Labels? When?