MLB Player Poll to air on Fox each Saturday


FOXMajor League Baseball Productions has created a new series, “MLB Player Poll,” which will air on Fox each Saturday at 3:00 pm ET (or at noon on certain weekends) during the 2012 regular season. The 30-minute series will debut April 7th.

Who is the toughest pitcher in the league to hit right now?  The most intimidating hitter?  Which outfielder has the strongest arm?  How about the most over-used baseball cliché?

Those are the sort of questions to be answered – and by the players themselves. Hosted by MLB Network’s Greg Amsinger and presented by Pepsi, each episode will answer one of these questions using an entertaining and educational countdown format that features interviews with current players.  The results of each week’s poll will be culled from surveys taken by hundreds of current players this season.

“Across everything we do, our fans have told us two things loud and clear: they want more access to their favorite players than ever before and they want their voice to be heard, and this new show accomplishes both of those goals,” said Tim Brosnan, MLB Executive Vice President, Business.  “MLB Player Poll will serve as an entertaining appetizer before Fox Saturday Baseball,” he added.


  1. I agree with Charles. I loved TWIB, because it talked about the past and present and had some really nice segments. I’m sad to see it go.

  2. HATE this swap-out for TWIB. I wish people would find something else to watch during this timeslot until this stupid popularity contest withers away and dies.

    Not that I’m bitter, lol.

  3. That MLB Player Poll Show on FOX on Sat. really sucked, we couldn’t watch it and when it ended we were more entertained by a Cops rerun we’ve seen five times. Replace that lame host, he was terrible. We expected a better production from FOX Sports.

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