MLB puts radio streams on iPhone


Major League Baseball has announced a “game changing” application for Apple’s iPhone that delivers the live radio broadcasts of every game of every team.

“ At Bat 2009” was developed exclusively for iPhone and iPod touch. It is available from the Apple App Store and iTunes app store for a one-time fee of $9.99. That gives the user access to audio broadcasts of every Major League Baseball game from opening night through the final game of the World Series, with no blackouts. In fact, they can choose from the home team or visitors broadcast of each game.

In addition to the audio, users can access the “Live Scoreboard” to view statistical game data from current, previous and future games. A feature called “MLB Gameday” also allows them to follow a detailed pitch-by-pitch game presentation featuring five interactive screens during each of the three game modes: preview, in-game and post-game.

There’s also video – high quality video highlights delivered directly to the iPhone or iPod touch quickly after they happen on the field. So, it’s live radio, plus some enhancements.

RBR/TVBR observation: Many of the play-by-play streams might be available for free on the Internet, but the low price for this app should be attractive to baseball fans. No need to search for the games, they’re all available at one location. Oh, and no need to subscribe to satellite radio either.

UPDATE: RBR/TVBR has learned that Major League Baseball does not allow radio stations with broadcast rights to carry those broadcasts on their Internet streams.