Lightning Strikes At Spot Cable for Gatorade Offshoot


There’s some exciting new activity at spot cable of note, and it involves a brand that’s been available for a little over a year now.

It’s a low-calorie sports drink from the originator, and bringing this brand to greater awareness among consumers definitely involves MVPD viewing.

The brand is Bolt24, a drink within the Gatorade family.

For the week ending Sept. 20, Media Monitors data puts Bolt24 at No. 7 in rank by play count, with some 32,435 spots detected.

That’s a big move for the sports drink, which is in a marketplace where Powerade, a Coca-Cola Company brand, has been a chief competitor in the casual electrolyte market.

Now, Gatorade is going back to its roots by targeting athletes with Bolt24.

The timing couldn’t be better, with pro sports across all regional and national sports networks all at once for the first time in history.


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