Ol’ Familiar Brands Are Back At Radio


It’s been several months since the Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report wasn’t littered with iHeartRadio podcast spots or promotional advertising that isn’t “real” ad activity, compared to commercials for goods and services not associated with the audio media giant.

Now, with Election Day advertising coming to a halt, along with the political bump, radio’s national advertiser composition looks remarkably pre-COVID — and that’s a great sign for AM and FM station owners.

As shown below, familiar national radio advertiser The Home Depot is back, and supplants GEICO in the top spot for the week ending November 1.

Meanwhile, GEICO competitor Progressive is at No. 4 as indeed, Vicks, and Allstate area all in the Spot 10.

So is ZipRecruiter, back as hiring picks up ahead of the end of Q4.