Auto Needs Brands Serve Up Radio Spots


What better medium is there than radio to reach consumers while on the road — a place a breakdown or accident could occur at any time?

The Government Employees Insurance Co., better known as GEICO, wouldn’t disagree with that assessment, based on its continued use of spot radio to build its brand awareness, and sales.

As shown below in the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report, GEICO is again the top advertiser using AM and FM radio to reach audiences. Nearly 44,000 spot plays were detected for the week ending Feb. 17, 2019.

That puts a big gap between GEICO and the second-largest fully paid advertiser using spot radio, Indeed. (While iHeartRadio is No. 2, many spots could be in-house at company-owned stations, with no true ad dollar intake involved.)

While GEICO is good for post-accident needs, keeping the automobile clean and up to snuff mechanically could involve AutoZone, and that brand is now No. 4 for the week.

Meanwhile, DIY hardware chain The Home Depot has stormed back into the Top 5.