Another Big Week For Babbel At Spot Radio


One of the biggest new advertisers to arrive at broadcast radio this year is a DIY language-learning tool.

By total spot plays detected by Media Monitors, it bests GEICO by more than 20,000 for the week ending July 26.

The brand is Babbel — and it accounts of 67,149 spins at spot radio.

By comparison, the ubiquitous auto insurance brand is at No. 6 with just under 45,00 spot plays detected. This puts GEICO at No. 2 in its category, behind Progressive.

Meanwhile, Allstate is at No. 8 in a week when iHeart podcasts and internal promotional efforts cloud the report; RBR+TVBR does not include iHeartMedia entries as no true transactional dollars are being exchanged.