Another Monster Week At Radio For This Retailer


In case you’ve been away from the broadcast media industry for a while, hearing that The Home Depot is the No. 1 advertiser using AM and FM radio to reach customers is hardly news.

But, take a look at just how dominant the home improvement retailer is, compared to any other advertiser. It’s a good story for AEs to share to help ad dollars — and clients — grow.

The Home Depot is No. 1 in the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report thanks to a play count for the week ending July 29, 2018 of 72,599.

That’s a massive lead over the brand that’s arguably the biggest user of all traditional media: GEICO. This week at Radio, GEICO is No. 2 with 44,103 plays.

Discounting iHeartRadio spots (Media Monitors, like trade publication Inside Radio, is owned by iHeartMedia), Indeed is the third-largest advertiser at radio for the week, with 36,181 spot plays detected.

The remaining action on the latest Spot Ten report sees much consistency among advertisers using radio, with Progressive back in the mix with a climb to No. 9.