Cough, Cough … Two P&G Brands Bump Up TV


With Procter & Gamble Co. Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard on Friday calling for media transparency during an ANA Masters of Marketing keynote address while encouraging his marketing and advertising industry counterparts to “lead constructive disruption,” one brand is making a big play for consumers through a heavy investment in the most traditional form of visual content delivery.

That would be spot television, and the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten TV report shows P&G cough and flu brand Vicks making a big move into the latest Spot Ten.

It is thanks to some 17,251 spots accounted for by Media Monitors, putting Vicks at No. 6 — up from No. 96.

It’s not the only P&G brand making moves this week, as Febreze is No. 3 among all brands using Spot TV for the week ending Oct. 6.

Also of note is a new effort from Colgate that puts the venerable dentifrice into the Spot Ten.

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