This Car Brand Is Tops In Spot TV


The end of what will likely be a lackluster year for automotive dealers will, hopefully, end on a bright note.

That’s, at least, what two car and truck brands may be hoping for, thanks to their surge in pre-Christmas advertisements through the use of spot television, Media Monitors reports.

For the week ending Dec. 23, the Chevrolet Dealer Association was tops, with 32,661 spots airing on the TV stations tracked by iHeartMedia-owned Media Monitors.

At No. 4, climbing from No. 7, is Nissan. The brand checks in with 22,848 spots.

Ford and Toyota area also present in the latest Spot Ten, but as the year ends, other big brands remain quiet — notably General Motors, Hyundai, Kia and Honda.

Here’s the latest Spot Ten TV report, in full: