Are Presidential Election Dollars Fluttering For Radio?


With the race for the White House ending in eight days, the impact on how Americans vote from radio advertisements may not be as big as once envisioned. For the week ending October 25, the Joe Biden for President campaign entered the Spot Ten Radio report after sitting at No. 15 the previous week.

The incumbent? His campaigns use of radio is even smaller.

Biden’s ads place at No. 10 on the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten report. They total less than 30,000 by play count.

This suggests that the political windfall some radio broadcasting companies anticipated may not be transpiring, with respect to Biden vs. Trump. However, that does not suggest radio stations aren’t seeing any political dollars, as stations of all sizes in recent days have been airing plenty of “down ballot” local spots.

For national ad activity the big news pertains to UnitedHealthCare, the HMO/PPO that accounts for nearly 60,000 spot plays last week. The activity comes as many companies decide what their 2021 employer-paid health plans will be.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile Business is ramping up efforts at Spot Radio.