Radio’s Ad Bae: eBay


Yes, there’s lots of love for AM and FM radio for GEICO, the undisputed leader with respect to spot plays across radio (and cable TV) across the 2019 calendar.

But look who’s now in the Spot 10? It’s that brand best-known as the platform one can sell something they don’t want to an individual who can’t wait to take another person’s trash and make it their treasure.

With a brand new campaign for Radio, eBay appears at No. 10 in the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten report. It’s thanks to 27,953 spot plays detected by the iHeart-owned service.

At No. 1 … it’s GEICO of course. The auto insurance specialist ranks so high thanks to more than 50,000 spot plays.

State Farm is the No. 2 fully paying ad brand, with some 37,397 spots.

RBR+TVBR does not include iHeartRadio spots as detected on the iHeartMedia-owned Media Monitors as ad budgets are kept within the company and do not truly reflect the flow of external ad dollars to broadcast radio.