A Huge Week At Radio For The Home Depot


GEICO may be the most omnipresent brand when it comes to spot TV, spot cable and spot radio, given its investment across all three media.

However, at spot radio, it is dwarfed in play count by The Home Depot — and, by a two-to-one margin.

For the week ending November 22, GEICO is the No. 3 paid brand using spot radio, and some 42,140 spot plays were detected by Media Monitors.

But, that pales compared to the 83,238 assigned to The Home Depot’s current audio ad campaign.

What is also notable for the last week is the effort from Bank of America, with some 46,500 spots airing on the radio stations detected by Media Monitors.

Of the other advertisers on the report, Merrill is new to the Spot Ten. And, it is the BofA arm formerly known as Merrill Lynch.