Macy’s Powers Up Radio Spots To Secure Sales


Everyone loves a feel-good story about the power of radio, right?

Well, big chain store retailers seem to love spot radio right now, based on the activity seen in the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report.

Discounting iHeartRadio activity from the report, produced by a unit of iHeartMedia, GEICO is No. 1 — to little surprise — while The Home Depot is No. 3.

On the year-end report, these brands will likely be at or near the top.

Then, there is Macy’s. With Christmas one week away, the retailer revved up its use of radio with some 38,087 spot plays for the week ending Dec. 16.

As such, Macy’s the No. 3 brand using radio.

That bests the activity of JCPenney, which dips to No. 5 with some 28,830 spots measured.

Who else is actively using radio? Take a look below.