Another Big Week For This Home Improvement Star


There are few advertisers like The Home Depot. Their commercials seem to be everywhere — and that’s an accurate assessment of this home improvement retailer’s media buying habits.

It’s an active user of all sorts of media, and radio is no exception.

With 56,559 spot plays for the week ending July 8, The Home Depot is again the No. 1 advertiser using AM and FM stations to reach consumers.

That is according to the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report, which also includes iHeartRadio spots that may or may not have been booked as traditional spots, given the nature of where they run and the content involved.

Media Monitors is owned by iHeartMedia, along with other entities including radio industry publication Inside Radio.

The biggest challenger to The Home Depot on the retail stage is No. 4 in the Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio chart. That’s Lowe’s, which has 35,789 spots aired for the week.

New to the Spot Ten Radio report this week is AutoZone, coming in at No. 6.

Here’s this week’s report, in full: