A Rogue Campaign Reaches Radio


When it comes to national radio campaigns in the first full week following the U.S. presidential election, a resurgence of iHeartRadio promotional spots was seen.

Is that a sign of a potential ad slowdown for spot radio? Nope. Nissan USA is present with a new campaign, and there’s lots of category diversity to be had.

For the automaker, radio spots detected by Media Monitors for the week ending November 15 reflect the Nissan Rogue SUV, a popular choice among younger consumers.

The effort for the Rogue puts Nissan at No. 10.

Meanwhile, Macy’s is roaring back — and it is thanks to holiday-themed advertising, a sign that the retailer will be a big player for radio over the next six weeks.

Other activity of note sees Bank Of America, last week’s leader by play count, dipping to the No. 2 fully paid ad campaign as The Home Depot dominates with more than 86,000 spot plays last week.