A Lone Brand In A Quiet Category


One look at the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Cable report, and you’ll notice the presence of a big wireless services provider.

But, you’ll also see that it is the only brand actively using spot cable during the week ending November 4 to reach consumers.

The brand is T-Mobile, and in the latest report it is the No. 6 brand to be using spot cable, thanks to the placement of 33,142 commercials.

But, that’s the lone cell phone company present on this week’s report.

At No. 1, to little surprise, is GEICO — and it is on top in a big way, with a massive 72,322 spot plays. Meanwhile, there’s a new campaign from Allstate, and this puts them at this week’s No. 9 spot.

Also noteworthy is the strength of Burger King at spot cable.