MMTC capital meeting on tap


MMTC / Minority Media & Telecom CouncilOne of the biggest hurdles entrepreneurs wishing to enter the broadcast field face is drumming up the necessary financial backing. In less than a month, MMTC (and enough present and former FCC commissioners to fill the FCC 8th Floor) will address the topic in depth.

It’s the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council’s 11th Annual Access to Capital and Telecom Policy Conference, this year entitled “Maximizing Innovation, Inclusion, and Entrepreneurship in a Digital Economy,” and it will be held in Washington DC 7/9-10.

The FCC presence will include former commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate, now MMTC’s Vice Chair; former commissioners Robert McDowell and Jonathan Adelstein, each of whom is receiving the Everett C. Parker Lifetime Achievement Award; and current commissioners Jessica Rosenworcel and Ajit Pai, who will be on hand for the annual FCC Commissioners’ Breakfast.