MMTC finds 48 companies to do its replying for it


The Minority Media and Telecommunications Council has submitted a long laundry list of things the FCC can do now, things it can consider doing, and voluntary things the broadcasting community can do to foster increased broadcast ownership by socially disadvantaged businesses (SDBs) in general and minorities and women in particular. By way of reply comments, it submitted simply an endorsement by another laundry list, this time comprised of seconding broadcast businesses.

"We agree with the commenters that MMTC’s propsal is an important one, and we believe that the NAB’s practical questions can be readily addressed," they wrote, urging the FCC to proceed.

MMTC broke the companies down as follows: "21 radio broadcast companies, five financial institutions and capital providers, 16 media brokerages and six public interest and civil rights organizations."

 * Alta Communications, Robert Emmert, VP
 * Bonneville International, Bruce T. Reese, Pres/CEO
 * Frank Boyle & Co., Frank Boyle, Pres
 * Broomfield Broadcasting, John Broomfield, Pres
 * Bustos Media, Amador S. Bustos, Pres/CEO
 * CBS Radio Inc., Steven A. Lerman, Gen Counsel
 * Citadel Broadcasting, Nancy A. Ory
 * Clear Channel Communications, Andrew W. Levin, EVP
 * CMS Station Brokerage, Roger Rafson, Pres
 * CobbCorp, Brian E. Cobb, Pres
 * Dover Capital Partners, Peter H. Ottmar, Gen Ptnr
 * Emmis Communications, John E. Fiorini III
 * Entercom Communications, John C. Donlevie, EVP
 * Envest Media, Mitt Younts, Mgng Member
 * The Exline Company, Andrew McClure, Pres
 * First Broadcasting Operating, Hal A. Rose, EVP
 * Richard A. Foreman Associates, Richard A. Foreman, Pres
 * Galaxy Communications, Sally A. Buckman
 * Dave Garland Media Brokerage, Dave Garland, Pres
 * Gladstone Capital, David Meier, Mgng Ptnr
 * Greater Media, Sally A. Buckman
 * Henson Media, Ed Henson, Pres
 * Independent Spanish Broadcasters Association, Ronald J. Gordan, Pres
 * Kalil & Co., Frank Kalil, Pres
 * Kozacko Media Services, Richard L. Kozacko, Pres
 * League of United Latin American Citizens, Eduardo Pena, Communications Counsel
 * Legend Communications, Larry Patrick, Pres
 * Marconi Media Ventures, Chuck Lontine, Mgng Dir
 * Media Services Group, George Reed, Mgng Dir
 * Media Venture Partners, Elliot B. Evers, Mgng Dir
 * Minority Media and Telecommunications Counsel, David Honig, Exec Dir
 * Multicultural Radio Broadcasting, Arthur Liu, Pres/CEO
 *, Sandi Bergman, Pres
 * National Council of Churches USA Communications Commission, Wesley M. Pattillo, Exec Dir
 * National Hispanic Media Coalition, Inez Gonzalez, Dir Media Policy
 * Norsan Broadcasting System, Norberto Sanchez, Chmn/CEO
 * Pacific Media Capital, James K. Downey, Mgr
 * Pappas Telecasting Companies/TuVision, Peter C. Pappas, EVP
 * Patrick Communications, Susan Patrick, Mgng Ptnr
 * Prometheus Radio Profect, Pete Tridish, Dir/Electromagnetism
 * Qantum Communications, Frank Osborn, CEO
 * Radio One, Linday J. Vilardo, Chief Admin Officer
 * Spanish Broadcasting System, Melanie Montenegro, Gen Counsel
 * TAG Media Consulting, Terry A. Greenwood, Mgng Member
 * URBan Radio Broadcasting, Kevin Wagner, Pres/CEO
 * Wells Fargo Foothill, John R. Brooks, Mgng Dir
 * Willis Broadcasting, John C. Trent
 * ZGS Broadcast Holdings, Ronald J. Gordon, Pres/CEO

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