MMTC: Main Studio Rule is Archaic ‘Holdover’


MIB Reports Talk RadioWe reported that Starboard Media Foundation favors elimination of the main studio rule and now the Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council does too.

Starboard says getting rid of the rule would save radio owners money in terms of staffing and equipment, not to mention operating expenses incurred with a second site like rent, taxes and utilities.

According to the rule, full power broadcasters must maintain a studio either within the city of license or at another site within 25 miles of the city of license — or within the city-grade contour of any station licensed to the same city of license as the station.

Calling that a 20th Century holdover, that needs to be changed or eliminated, MMTC President/CEO Kim Keenan says the rule acts as a market entry barrier to those minorities would like to own stations — as well as to those who own stations now.