MMTC proposes “radio rescue”


The Minority Media and Telecommunications Council (MMTC), which begins its annual Access to Capital and Telecom Policy Conference today in Washington, has sent the FCC a comprehensive list of proposals which it says will, if adopted by the Commission, “provide lenders and investors with assurance that the federal government stands behind the survival and sustainability of this industry that is so vital to public service, public safety, minority entrepreneurship and democracy.” The ideas are quite intriguing and would benefit not just minority broadcasters and new entrants, but all radio broadcasters.

The proposals include such things as eliminated outdated engineering rules, looking at TV Channels 5 and 6 for possible transition of the AM band, changing community of license contour rules, removing non-viable FM allotments, extending the time period for construction permits. Some of the ideas would particularly benefit minority, but many would simply reduce red tape and costs for all broadcasters.

“The seventeen proposals contained within this petition are offered to promote diversity, localism and competition, to remedy the effects of past discriminatory policies against minorities and women, and to provide an urgently needed stimulus for the broadcasting industry as a whole. The Commission should adopt these proposals because they provide race-neutral methods of promoting the public interest,” MMTC said in its Petition for Rulemaking.

Click on the pdf link in the attachment box on the right to read the entire “MMTC Radio Rescue Petition for Rulemaking.”

RBR/TVBR observation: Bravo! These are some ideas worth exploring. Let’s hope the new FCC is ready to look at really dealing with the problems facing radio.