MMTC set to spin Channel 22 in Chicago DMA


Before anybody gets too excited, we’re talking about a TV translator in Chicago suburb Arlington Heights IL – W22AJ, to be exact. MMTC is about to receive the station as a gift, and it’s seeking to turn right around an sell it to a third party for a touch over $100K.

The station is coming to MMTC from Trinity Broadcasting Network in an agreement that dates back to 6/30/10.
The prospective buyer is Chicago 22 LLC, headed by Ravi Kapur. It will pay $100,155 for the station, preceded by a $10K escrow deposit that will apply to the price at closing.

MMTC is asking that the approval for its acquisition of the station from Trinity be coincidental with approval to transfer the station again to Chicago 22. In a request for relief attached to the transfer application, MMTC said that handling the deal in this manner will allow Channel 22 to provide programming “at the earliest practicable time.”