MMTC spins out of Detroit


MMTC / Minority Media & Telecom CouncilA Dearborn MI AM station that wound up in the portfolio of the station-licensing wing of non-profit Minority Media & Telecommunications Council courtesy of Clear Channel is now on its way to a new owner.

The buyer is Pedro Zamora, an experienced radio owner with a station in Iowa and two in Alabama. MMTC is headed by David Honig.
The price: $100K cash.

The station is a Class B on 1310 kHz. It is licensed for 5 kW-U, DA2. It also figues to be a fixer-upper. Shortly after the donation to MMTC was announced and prior to the contract being filed with the FCC, Clear Channel took down the tower.

Zamora’s other station are:

WZGX- Bessemer AL
WJHX- Lexington AL

The deal appears to fulfill Clear Channel’s intent, to encourage increased diversity among the ranks of broadcast licensees.