Who’s The New Spectrum Policy Chief At MMTC?


A Ph.D. in systems engineering who happens to be the co-founder and a senior advisor at RF Academics has been tapped to serve as VP/Telecommunications & Spectrum Policy at the Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council (MMTC).

In his new role with the MMTC, Dr. Rikin Thakker “will use his extensive technical knowledge and expertise to inform MMTC’s policy positions and the impact of telecom policy on minorities and women,” the council said in a Dec. 13 announcement.

Specifically, Dr. Thakker will observe and report on how telecom policy impacts multicultural entrepreneurs and underserved consumers who still find themselves on the wrong half of the digital divide.

Dr. Thakker will also serve as the lead content developer for MMTC’s joint Department of Labor contract with the National Urban League and the Wireless Infrastructure Association. Under the contract, the NUL/MMTC/WIA consortium seeks to connect unemployed and underemployed minorities, primarily African-Americans, with registered apprenticeships in telecommunications infrastructure within seven U.S. regions.

Dr. Thakker is a renowned D.C.-area academic who serves as a faculty member at the University of Maryland, and is an adjunct professor for Engineering Management and Systems Engineering department of George Washington University.

“This position uniquely enables me to continue my work both in spectrum policy and research, and in curriculum development within the telecommunications industry,” Dr. Thakker said. “I look forward to the measurable impact on diverse participation in our nation’s future in telecom that this new relationship will allow us to deliver.”

MMTC President/CEO Kim Keenan added, “Dr. Thakker has already dived into his role and demonstrated his value as a quality addition to the MMTC team. We can promise great things in the coming year and beyond as MMTC continues to grow and increase our impact in media, telecom, and high tech at both the national policy and community levels.”