Mobile devices moving in on tabletop/laptop turf


BIGinsightAccording to a new study from BIGinsight, when it comes to visiting key internet portals or email boxes, fewer people are relying on their personal computer, be it a tabletop or laptop model, and more than half are using either a smartphone of tablet.

This poses a challenge for advertisers and retailers. Explained BIGinsight’s Pam Goodfellow, “For advertisers, it is important to note that some of the biggest sites may be seeing less traffic on computer screens and more on smartphones or tablets. These shoppers are bypassing traditional banner ads, suggested and sponsored sites and many targeted social ads.”

Speaking to retailers, Goodfellow added, “While the majority still prefers to browse retailer websites on a desktop or laptop, a relatively large proportion—over 30%—will reach for a mobile device first, and we only expect this m-commerce trend to grow. As we head into the all-important holiday season, mobile capable sites will be a must for any retailer hoping to capitalize on today’s increasingly tech-savvy shoppers.”

Here is the breakdown for a few key categories, in answer to the question “When accessing the following, which device do you prefer to use most?” (Mobile Users who Access Each Site)

* Smartphone: 45.4%
* Tablet: 9.5%
* Desktop/Laptop: 45.1%

Personal Email
* Smartphone: 47.6%
* Tablet: 10.1%
* Desktop/Laptop: 42.3%

* Smartphone: 50.0%
* Tablet: 12.6%
* Desktop/Laptop: 37.4%

Retailer’s Website
* Smartphone: 20.5%
* Tablet: 12.0%
* Desktop/Laptop: 67.4%

Source: BIGinsight