Mobile doing more than encroaching on broadcast


CEA / Consumer Electronics AssociationBroadcasters are by now aware that time spent with mobile devices can mean time subtracted from broadcast – but it turns out there is another share-losing category – humans.

The report is from the Consumer Electronics Association, conducted by Harris Poll, and it involves mobile and retail.

The baseline is this: 58% of shoppers would rather turn to their mobile device than to a store employee when they have a question.

62% also state that facts garnered via mobile are more beneficial than information available from in-store displays or literature.

“Mobile devices have significantly shifted consumers’ shopping behavior,” said Steve Koenig, director of industry analysis, CEA. “Retailers are increasingly focusing on delivering a complete consumer shopping experience and mobile devices are now a vital piece of that puzzle.”

The use of mobile varies by store type:
* 60% — Electronics
* 55% — Groceries
* 47% — Apparel
* 39% — Health and beauty products

Mobile devices are used for these purposes:
* 69% — Conduct a general internet search
* 52% — Visit a store-specific website
* 47% — Use a store-specific app
* 46% — Visit a manufacturer-specific website