Mobile gift purchasing on the rise


TabletsEverybody knows that online retail activity is on the rise. A report from Prosper Mobile Insights noting that mobile devices are increasingly being used for this purpose instead of computers should therefore not come as a big surprise.

Mobile has the further advantage of allowing consumers to check on pricing, availability, store location and any other researchable fact while in the field shopping.

And they can also now be used in place of a card – over a third of mobile users say they may swipe or tap their device in-store to pay for a purchase.

Like computer users, online shoppers can be enticed with a number of offers:
Free shipping: 57.7%
* $ off coupon: 47.7%
* % off coupon: 38.7%
* Free gift with purchase: 36.9%
* Next day shipping: 21.6%
* Hold item for store pick-up: 13.5%
* Nothing would entice me; no mobile purchase plans: 21.9%
Source: Prosper Mobile Insights™ Mobile Survey, Nov-12

“Avoiding the hustle and bustle of in-store shopping as well as the cost of having the perfect gift shipped to your door is a win-win for holiday shoppers,” said Pam Goodfellow, Consumer Insights Director, BIGinsight™. “While Mobile Users tend to be seen as trend-setters, their affinity for free shipping implies that this is a promotion likely to stand the test of time.”