Mobile seeking exemption from political disclaimers


SmartphoneRevolution Messaging would like to be able to place political advertisements on mobile phones, but runs into the problem of their very small screen size. It is therefore asking the Federal Election Commission to free mobile ads from political disclaimers, as are bumper stickers and buttons.

RM says the small size of the screen makes it impossible to conspicuously place sponsorship or stand by your ad information on a political communication aimed at a mobile device, particularly if it is in the form of a banner ad.

“The FEC needs to end the uncertainty and offer clear guidelines for this important aspect of campaigning in the digital age. It already offers exemptions for bumper stickers, buttons and other objects deemed too small to make the inclusion of the disclaimer language practical. “It is clear to us that mobile advertising should fall in that same category,” added founder and CEO Scott Goodstein.

RM stated, “To provide advertisers with the ability to create and purchase advertisements that will appear uniformly on various mobile phones, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) created industry standards for mobile phone advertisements. These industry standards measure mobile advertisements’ dimensions by the width and height of pixels available. Revolution Messaging is requesting a ‘small item’ exemption on standard sizes 320 pixels by 50 pixels or smaller.”