Does MobiTV Have A STB Phase-Out Tool?


From 1985-2000, MobiTV Chairman/CEO Charlie Nooney served as an EVP at The Walt Disney Co. He’s also been an executive for Thomson/Technicolor.

Today, he’s at the helm of a tech company that believes the eventual outcome of FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s controversial set-top box propsoal is irrelevant.

“We can replace the STB completely,” Nooney tells RBR + TVBR.

This declaration comes as the result of the July 2016 launch of the MobiTV Connect Platform, an IP video delivery solution that allows cable operators to upgrade its services by using connected TV devices and streaming boxes, rather than having to invest in technologically advanced set-top boxes and other equipment.

“The in-home TV experience is changing rapidly, creating both challenges and opportunities for providers as they navigate the new reality of delivering pay TV services in today’s market,” Nooney said in a July statement, with the release of the MobiTV Connect Platform. “This is only the beginning for us.”

Specifically, the MobiTV platform allows a cable television service provider to shift their network’s video delivery from traditional QAM to IP and seamlessly blend on-demand, live TV, catch-up TV, network DVR and recommendations.

Pay TV and cable operators have the option of selecting an in-network deployment or a MobiTV operator grade managed service. Both utilize an agile development process, which allow continuous improvement, rapid response to market trends and evolution of technology. The end-to-end platform upgrades every six weeks.

Nooney believes his company is poised to bridge the gap between small market operator and national giants such as Comcast, which have the capability to invest in the latest technology and bring these advancements to market in a much quicker and more efficient manner.

“If you look at the operator’s cost structure, we believe IP will be a way that content will be sourced,” Nooney tells RBR + TVBR. 

More importantly, he says, it maintains the relationship between the consumer and the video services provider.

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