MOG gets into BMW, MINI


It’s the first in-car integration of on-demand music in a vehicle in the US: MOG and the BMW Group today announced availability of its on-demand music service in all 2011 BMW vehicles equipped with the BMW Apps option in the US and 2011 MINI vehicles equipped with the MINI Connected system in the US.

Accessing MOG’s vast catalog of over 13 million songs, BMW and MINI customers can download the MOG app to their iPhone to activate an account or access their existing Primo account, launch the new version of the MOG app on their vehicle-connected iPhone, and MOG will immediately appear in the MINI Connected or BMW Apps-enabled infotainment system.

The MOG iPhone app enables the following capabilities:

On-demand streaming: Unlimited, ad-free listening to any artist, album, or song at any time from virtually anywhere.

Seamless integration: Easy to browse and search, play, re-play, or skip to your favorite songs using the vehicle’s existing infotainment controller and steering wheel controls.

Storage: MOG will allow users to store their MOG music on their phone, enabling access to their favorite titles even when a data connection is not available.

MOG radio: Only MOG offers “MOG Mobius” music discovery engine, which enables users to switch between true “artist only” radio or a full mix of similar artists.

Curated content: Users will have access to New Releases, Editor’s Picks, Top Songs, Featured Playlists, and Featured Radio in addition to their own tagged songs from within the MOG music service.

Highest quality audio: MOG downloads music at 320kbps.

MOG offers a $9.99 per month MOG Primo subscription plan, which provides subscribers with access to MOG for unlimited, on-demand listening access online at, through the MOG app on iPhone and Android phones and via  compatible CE devices from major manufacturers such as Boxee, Roku, Sonos, Squeezbox, LG, and Samsung, all via a single MOG account.

RBR-TVBR observation: This does put some pressure on Pandora, which does not offer music on demand. It’s starting to remind us of the days where Sirius and XM fought for OEM placement in vehicles. Announcement after announcement was made of which vehicle maker would soon have which satellite service. The problem for MOG, however, is it does not offer the service for free via the app.