MOG says digital music service coming


MOG,, a music blogging destination, announced it would launch “MOG All Access,” a new digital music service for North America, by Thanksgiving. MOG also announced partnerships with all four major music labels: Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, and EMI Music.

“Our goal with MOG All Access was to build the best service for listening to and discovering music, period,” explained MOG Founder and CEO David Hyman. “To accomplish this, we’re providing access to millions of songs (just about everything), with a drop dead easy way to hear any song or album you like in an instant, from the convenience of your web browser.  You’ll get access to MOG radio, a revolutionary listening experience that will forever change how you discover music and truly redefines what radio is, and killer tools for discovery through other users of the service.  And you get it all monthly for the price of a beer. We’re setting the music listening bar.”

Hyman is the former CEO of Gracenote, former SVP-Marketing at MTV Interactive and co-founder of Addicted to Noise.

The MOG All Access is an extension of The MOG Music Network, the largest network of music blogs on the web.  In addition to having access to millions of songs, All Access subscribers will be able to learn more about the music they’re listening to by easily connecting to all sorts of content from news and reviews to playlists and lyrics.

Currently in closed beta testing, the service will cost $5 per month. Curious music fans will be able to sample the service for free.