Mojo Move For NuVoodoo: Snapchat Ads Added


The culmination of an effort that saw a data-driven media marketing, programming and content intelligence company run by a radio industry veteran team up with one of the social media world’s biggest players has arrived for AM and FM stations across the U.S.

NuVoodoo Media Services, founded by President Carolyn Gilbert, has officially added Snapchat Ads to its portfolio of digital marketing solutions for broadcast media clients.

NuVoodoo worked directly with Snapchat throughout the summer to help develop the new array of tools specifically for radio and television media campaigns. The goal, the company says, is to enable stations to reach their targets most effectively through Snapchat Ads.

The addition of Snapchat Ads comes in conjunction with the release of NuVoodoo’s 10th Ratings Prospect Study, which showed that daily use of Snapchat among likely Nielsen respondents is up 28% since January 2017; growth is even stronger among those under the age of 35.

“Social media use across all major platforms is significantly higher among those likely to wear a meter or fill out a diary,” says Leigh Jacobs, EVP/Research at NuVoodoo.

He calls these radio consumers “human buzz agents,” who consume media of all types at much higher levels than those who would never participate in the Nielsen Audio ratings.

Jacobs adds, “While Facebook and YouTube remain the juggernaut social platforms, the next tier of Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter have grown significantly since our January study.”

PJ Kling, VP/Product & Business Development at NuVoodoo Media Services, added, “What’s most impressed me is the care and attention Snapchat gives to the user experience and the emphasis it places on creative best practices. This isn’t about quickly throwing together videos with flying cash, fake spokesmodels and generic deep-voice-guy narration. They want to make sure that ad content has the same kind of value to the Snapchat experience that the audience’s organic content already has.”