Momentum launches "America's Farmers Mobile Experience" for Monsanto


Momentum Worldwide along with its client Monsanto has created a new America’s Farmers Mobile Experience to put a face on America’s farmers. The Mobile Experience transforms from a 53-foot trailer to a three-room, 1,000-square-foot display where visitors can take a journey through three distinctive focus areas. It will be visiting communities nationwide. The effort includes radio television, and print ads.

Momentum’s Adrienne Scordato tells RBR-TVBR that the TV, radio and print are not tied to the actual mobile unit, but other parts of their bigger campaign. The radio and TV were not a national campaign, but were in the greater corn belt (Colorado to Ohio and Minnesota to Texas).  However, to Monsanto, this is a national campaign because the majority of their customers are in this area. The ads run during early and evening news, sporting event and network primetime.

“As for the markets we are going to, it is not all set in stone yet, but some of the initial markets are:

–          St. Louis

–          Chicago

–          Washington D.C.

–          Omaha

–          Louisville

–          Syracuse

–          Indianapolis

–          Amarillo

–          Kansas City

“Also, we are targeting more consumer attended events and not farmer only events as we have in the past.  We will focus on state fairs, community events, FFA meetings, universities, etc.,” she said.


Act I – Identifies the challenges farmers face as they increase food production to meet the needs of a world population expected to grow to 9 billion, while using finite resources like land and water.
Act II – Features a 180-degree theatre with a video spotlighting an American farmer and what he and his family are currently doing to meet those challenges.
Act III – Highlights the tools and technologies to help farmers. Three focus areas include breeding, biotechnology and agronomics. 

See the details:

In the consumer advocacy campaign, Monsanto wants to involve the consumer in every aspect of the farmer’s life, from food production to the challenges they face. America’s farmers grow enough food to feed our nation, ship nearly $100 billion worth of crops around the world, and generate 24 million jobs in the US. But even with these significant accomplishments, the reality is that many Americans aren’t familiar with the increasing demands a skyrocketing population has placed on farmers to feed, fuel and clothe the world. Monsanto says it hopes to change that one person at a time through this new Mobile Experience.

Listen to the radio ads here.

Below are the TV ads: