Moms looking for holiday discounts


ShoppingDigital will continue to grow as a factor in holiday shopping, and that definitely goes for perhaps THE major shopper category – moms. A study from Adroit Digital spells out what they are looking for.

It goes without saying that brick and mortar outlets still are a part of the game – but if traditional retailers want a statistic to fret about, perhaps this one will do it: According to the AD study, 32% of 1,000 mothers surveyed will do 60% or more of their shopping online this year.

AD also knows what they are looking for: Deals. 62% say that if they are convinced a retailer is offering a good discount online, they be back to the website to buy it by day’s end.

93% say that if they happen across a great deal on an item posted by a favorite online retail outlet, they may well buy it even though otherwise they would not have.

Only a quarter of the group deliberate at length before pulling the trigger on a purchase – that 25% will make as many as six trips to a given website before making a purchase.

Brick and mortar outlets face increasing digital challenges even when customers are within their walls. 56% will check their mobile device for a coupon or other form of discount, which isn’t so bad, but 50% will compare a showroom price to online prices, and 42% will check pricing for similar items at nearby competing brick and mortars.

All told, one in five will do 50% or more of their shopping online this year.

“We set out to understand moms’ holiday shopping plans and to identify the role tablets and mobile devices will play in their purchase journey,” said Scott German, GM of Adroit Digital. “To win this holiday season, retailers would be wise to pay special attention to moms’ plans to shop more online and from their mobile devices in particular. By presenting online discounts and focusing their efforts on the mobile web, they can influence their purchase behavior even during one of their rarer in-store visits.”