Monday is Traffic Director's Day


It’s possibly one of the busiest days of the year, falling on day before nationwide elections, the day after the clocks were moved from Daylight savings to "Standard" time and the day for regular Calendar billing. But for an estimated 12,000 broadcasters – It’s National Traffic Director’s Day.

Traffic personnel come from a variety of titles, including Continuity, Office Managers, Supervisors, Managers, Log Editors and Coordinators. "Actually, we currently list over 30 different titles that all fall into the general description of Traffic Directors, " said Larry Keene CEO of the Traffic Director’s Guild of America ( TDGA is a non-union association dedicated to the education and enhancement of the people who schedule programs and commercials, promos and public service announcements at over 20,000 Commercial and non-commercial Radio and TV Stations, Web Streaming providers and multi-channel outlets under the HDTV and HD Radio umbrella.
NTDD was established nearly a decade ago as a way of recognizing the jugglers of the inventory and avails and their serving as the funnel that brings together content and the revenue to fund broadcasting.

Trade pubs, state broadcaster associations, individual stations, clusters and group GM’s, SM’s and frequently the station sales staff observe the day in a variety of ways, from personal phone calls and drop-ins to say thank you, or a reason to take the Traffic staff out for lunch, pizza parties, etc. "Hallmark hasn’t recognized it as a major holiday, although Chase’s Calendar of Events ranks it pretty high within our industry," jokes Keene. Perhaps the most appreciated gesture is a simple "thank you" from the Boss on one day as busy as another but earmarked with recognition from the staff.