More advertisers pull out of MTV's "Skins"


General Motors has joined Taco Bell in pulling advertising from MTV’s racy drama series Skins, according to the Parents Television Council. That was followed by reports from the gossip site TMZ that Wrigley and H&R Block have also joined the exodus. 

PTC has been leading the crusade against the show that features explicit content with actors as young as 15.

The PTC praised GM for its quick response after its members contacted the automaker about two Chevy Volt ads which aired during the Skins premiere on 1/17, apparently by mistake: “PTC also thanks General Motors for swiftly responding to PTC members’ concerns about Chevy Volt ads. GM told PTC that Skins was on its do not buy list on MTV, and that MTV admitted placing the Chevy commercial on Skins in error. GM also stated that MTV had apologized for its error.”

H&R Block likewise said that its spot was not supposed to have even aired on the show.