More CCU ripples in Mankato


A deal in April sending numerous stations from Clear Channel to Three Eagles spawned two additional Mankato-New Ulm-St. Peter MN deals. Now a third one has been announced, which is also the second between Three Eagles and the Linder family’s Minnesota Valley Broadcasting Company (MVBC). In the immediate deal, Three Eagles is sending KYSM-AM to the Linders for 700K. That’ll bring it into a cluster which includes KXLP-FM New Ulm, KTOE-AM Mankato, KDOG-FM North Mankato, KNSG-FM Springfield MN and KXAC-FM St. James. Take daisy-chaining into account and non-Mankato stations KOWZ-AM/KREU-FM Waseca and KOWZ-FM Blooming Prairie into the mix. Both KYSM and KXLP were part of Three Eagles’ Clear Channel deal, with KXLP acquired by MVBC for 3,132,500 back in April. KNSG-FM also moved within the Linder family back then to become part of this cluster.