More commentary on performance taxes:


I never did understand the logic between the different music royalties being charged to commercial broadcasters and internet broadcasters. It’s a fact that internet radio sells records. It’s a fact that commercial radio also sells records as well. It’s also a fact that internet radio, with its thousands of formats that cater to the true interests of listeners are siphoning away listeners from commercial radio and their tight, sterile, impersonal programming and playlists. In my mind, it’s not a question of logic involved in charging excessive royalties to internet radio. It’s the fact that eventually internet radio is going to deservedly kill corporate radio, and the corporations know it. I’ve anticipated for quite a while that in the next 10 years, internet radio will water down corporate radio until the corporations go out of business. What a shame that corporate radio will have to unwillingly give up the once-beautiful business they killed and destroyed anyway. Look below the surface in this matter. That’s where the rats live.

Bob Walker
WTIX, New Orleans (retired)