More congratulations


Another generous comment on RBR/TVBR Publisher Carnegie’s comments in 07/08/08 RBR #132 entitled – Thanks to all – RBR is celebrating 25 years, a quarter of a century and each day you have to reinvent your methods to match the forward movement and progress – past analog and into the digital era which is right now.


If your IN BOX isn’t jammed by now, something is wrong.

Hundreds if not thousands of broadcasters owe you thanks, congratulations and best wishes on your anniversary.

You kept us all up to date on the news and buzz of our industry and never hesitated to take a stand on an issue.

Personally, I have to repeat what I told you several years ago: You have to be admired for sticking with it during the rough times and being smart enough to go from that original rough printed newsletter to the most modern, attractive, electronic trade publications today. You obviously were also wise enough to gather good people around you including your wife, Cathy.

Thanks for the hard work and great source of information.

Best wishes for many more years.

Ira Apple

Ira Apple & Associates