More FM pirate action in southern Florida


Broadcasting PirateFort Lauderdale FL was the theater of operation for DJ Real Deal – that is, until the FCC traced an unauthorized signal on 89.1 MHz to a residence he was leasing in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood market.

FCC agents heard the Real Deal broadcasting, and traced the signal to the residence leased by McArthur Bussey.

The FCC wrote, “An agent from the Miami Office also found information on the Internet connecting Mr. Bussey to the unlicensed station.  The ‘Real Deal’ Facebook page contained an advertisement for an after party, which stated ‘Come Celebrate with DJ Real Deal’ over a photograph of ‘Real Deal’ that matched Mr. Bussey’s Florida driver’s license photograph. The advertisement also stated to call Mr. Bussey’s phone number ‘FOR INFO.’” There was more.

The FCC noted that the normal fine for this infraction is $10K. However, it was the second time captured for Bussey – he had previously been cited for unauthorized operation on 89.1 MHz in Fort Lauderdale, from a different location. The FCC used that as justification to bump the fine up to $15K. It is at the Notice of Apparent Liability stage.

RBR-TVBR observation: You wouldn’t put a billboard up at your illegal transmitter site advertising your station. At least we don’t think you would. But increasingly, FM buccaneers are advertising their larcenous operations on the world wide web. Literally, it’s the same virtual thing, pirate buoys and gulls!

We are increasingly seeing the FCC use an FM pirate’s presence on the internet as evidence when bringing the pirate to justice. The FCC has no quarrel with the internet site, however, so we suggest using the website as your broadcast outlet and leaving the FM transmitter out of the equation.