More groups join the NAB


Hot on the heels of last week’s big announcement that CBS and Fox had returned to membership in the National Association of Broadcasters, the NAB announced the addition of other groups with a total of 90 radio or television stations.

Headlining the latest NAB announcement was Max Media, which owns both radio and TV stations – 44 in all. It is based in Virginia Beach, VA.

Other radio and television station groups to recently join NAB include Communications Corporation of America, Lafayette, LA.; Boswell Broadcasting, Kosciusko, MS.; Brothers Broadcasting, Rensselaer, IN; Eagle’s Nest Inc., Roanoke, AL; KSBJ Educational, Humble, TX; Living Faith Broadcasting, Abingdon, VA; Neuhoff Communications, Jupiter, FL; and White Knight Broadcasting, Lafayette, LA.

RBR-TVBR observation: We’re not here to be cheerleaders for the NAB, but there are clearly major issues on the table in Washington, DC which impact the bottom line of every station, no matter how large or small their market – music performance royalties for radio and retransmission consent for TV, to name just two really big ones. The potential financial impact from an unfavorable outcome on either of those far exceeds the dues check to help fund NAB’s lobbying efforts.