More homes cut the cable cord


The ongoing tally by the Television Bureau of Advertising (TVB), based on Nielsen data, finds another all-time high in the percentage of American Households receiving television from an alternate delivery system (ADS), rather than their local cable company. ADS penetration reached 29.3% last month, with most of that (all but 0.3%) being subscribers to the two satellite TV companies.

According to Nielsen NTI data, TVB reported that national ADS penetration reached 29.3% of television households last month, an all-time high that is up from 28.7% in November 2008, and now represents 32.5% of subscription television customers (those paying for video delivery), another all-time high. Direct broadcast satellite (DBS) delivery, the largest component of ADS, is now estimated at 29.0%, up from 27.4% in November 2008.

The TVB analysis shows that ADS accounts for a majority of all TV households in seven markets, including two medium markets (#51-100) – Paducah, KY and Shreveport, LA.

Click here for TVB’s list of top ADS penetration by market ranking.