More Jackson action


The wheels continue to spin as a result of Backyard Broadcasting’s exit from the Jackson MS market. In this installment, Pierre Sutton’s Inner City subsidiary, Urban Radio II, is itself spinning a station even as it makes room in the portfolio for Backyard’s WRXW-FM. It has reached an agreement to sell WKXI-AM to Pollack Broadcasting Company, which is not new to broadcasting but will be new to the market. There is also a WKXI-FM, so Pollack will have to find new call letters. It will also pay $400K for the station, with the bulk — $350K – being paid over time pursuant to terms of a promissory note. Sutton is getting WRXW-FM for $700K When the smoke clears, Sutton’s Jackson portfolio will include WJNT-AM, WOAD-AM, WOAD-FM, WJMI-FM, WKXI-FM & WRXW-FM.