More Music Royalty Proceedings to Begin


US Copyright OfficeThe Copyright Royalty Board will soon begin three music royalty proceedings for radio.

The CRB plans to make the announcement in the Federal Register today.

That’s according to Wilkinson Barker Knauer attorney David Oxenford.

The proceedings will set rates for the 2018-2022 period.

One covers the royalty that SiriusXM and cable radio pays to record labels and performing artists while the second proceeding covers mechanical royalties. This would establish what publishers and songwriters receive for song reproductions — and why David Lowry sued Spotify, according to Oxenford.

The third proceeding involves royalties for public performances of musical works by public broadcasting — involving PBS and NPR affiliates as well as other public broadcasters.

If the item does indeed make today’s Federal Register, petitions to take part in the proceedings would be due to the CRB by Feb. 4.