More Nielsen Audio reports; More strength for radio advertisers


Clark-SmidtEvery station tells a story.  Each market projects personality, presentations and positioning to deliver results.  Continuing with updates in the latest two-report diary markets, here are more results from markets #57 – #115:

#57  McAllen, TX. 12+ population 944,300.  Subscriber shares are noted Spring-Fall-Spring ’14.  Clear Channel (CCU) #1 & #2.  RymCHR KBFM 10.2-10.3-9.6 and Country KTEX 10.3-9.7-9.4.  Univision ranks 3rd & 5th with RegMex KGBT 10.2-9.9-9.0 and SpanishVariety KBTQ off 7.1-6.6-5.6.  Entravision holds 4th & 6th spots with CHR KVLY 6.3-7.7-6.4 and ActiveRock KFRQ 3.4-3.3-4.4.  Notes:  MBM Radio has 6 stations reporting between 2.6 and 1.1, all Spanish with the exception of N/T KURV 2.6 and Adult Hits KJAV 2.0  Ethnic composition 88.4% Hispanic as 8 of the Top 16 stations , along with all 7 listed below the line as non-subscribers.  Market Shares:  CCU 23.9, MBM 16.7, Univision 15.7, Entravision 14.9.

#63.  Honolulu.  820,100.  Aloha from 3 groups.  #1 CCU A/C KSSK  11.0-11.4-13.0, Summit Media ranks 2-3-4 with Hawaiian KINE 5.9-6.7-7.9, A/C KRTR 5.7-5.5-5.7, tied with RymCHR KPHW 5.0-4.7-5.7.  Frontier Capital is 5th & 7th with two RymCHRs KUMU 6.1-4.4-5.3 & KDDB 5.9-6.4-4.6. Notes:  CCU features Hawaiian/Reggae KDNN 5.2-6.5-4.6.  Summit Hawaiian KCCN dips 5.1-5.3-3.7.  CCU also adds ModRock KUCD 3.2-2.7-2.6, News/Talk KHVH 3.2-2.7-2.6, another RymCHR KHJZ 2.8-3.0-2.1 to tie Frontier Classic Hits KPOI is 3.0-2.0-2.1. CCU has the market’s 4th A/C KSSK 2.6-2.8-1.9.  17 stations Do Not Subscribe including 12 AM, 5 FM and Salem Communications cluster of 7.  Shares:  CCU 28.3, Summit 24, Frontier Capital 13.5.

#72.  Knoxville, TN.  686,100.  Very busy.  Cumulus Country #1 WIVK way ahead 14.3-16.1-16.0.  South Central soon to be Summit is 2nd & 3rd with Classic Rock WIMZ 8.2-7.3-9.9 and A/C WJXB 8.6-11.1-9.0.  Journal Broadcast Group takes the next 3 slots 4-5-6 all on the up with CHR WWST 6.9-7.3-7.5, RymCHR WKHT 5.5-5.9-6.8 and Country WCYQ  4.1-4.2-5.9.  Notes:  Clinton Broadcasters have two Country formats WMYL 2.4-2.1-2.7 and WYSH at .6.  Journal’s Classic Hits WNOX slips 3.8-3.9-3.5 and South Central ModRock WVRX is 1.6-1.8-1.9.  CMLS has Sports Combo WNML A/F with a 2.2 total.  26 DNS (aka non-subscribing stations) including 8 FMs, Blount Broadcasting‘s 4 and Horne Radio with 3.  Shares:  Journal 23.7, South Central 20.8, CMLS 18.2

#74.  El Paso, TX.  681,400.  Interesting composition.  CCU RymCHR #1 8.5-9.9-9.0, Entravision Classic Hits KOFX jumping into 2nd 6.7-6.8-8.8, Townsquare is #3 with Rock KLAQ 5.9-7.6-6.7, CCU Soft A/C KTSM is 4th and Townsquare Hot A/C KSII 5TH 6.0-6.1-5.7.  Notes:   Ethnic composition is 83% Hispanic with 9 subscribers and 11 non subscribers targeting Spanish and Mexican.  Southern Radio lists a 7 station cluster including #6 RymCHR XHTO 6.3-5.1-5.2, Classic Rock XHIM 2.9-2.2-2.6 and top RegionalMexican XHNZ 4.0-4.4-4.9.  Entravision has the lead SpanishVariety KINT 5.1-4.2-5.1.  13 stations are below the line, 11 Spanish and 2 Religious. Shares:  CCU 22.1, very tight between Southern 17.9 and Entravision 17.8, Townsquare 13.4.

#84.  Little Rock, AR.  573,200.  3 groups carve up the posted numbers.  CCU Classic Country KMJX #1 4.7-9.2-8.3 and #3 with Country KSSN 10.0-6.4-.6.5.  CMLS ranks 2nd, 4th & 5th with CHR KLAL 6.8-7.8-6.7 #2, UrbanContemp. KIPR 7.6-6.7-6.2 and HotA/C KWRB 6.3-5.2-5.4.  Notes:  Signal Media’s cluster is Sports KABZ 5.1-5.3-4.2, Classic Rock KKPT off 5.5-4.4-3.8 and R&BOldies KHLR up 3.3-2.7-3.6.  CCU Adult Hits KHKN dips 3.9-3.6-3.5 and CMLS has the only News/Talk KARN/F 4.2-3.4-2.8.  21 stations don’t report, 12 FM, 9 AM including 3 from Crain Media, 2 more from CMLS and a pair of FMs from East Arkansas Broadcasters.  Shares:  CCU 22.4, CMLS 21.1, Signal Media 11.6.

#86.  Monterey, CA.  568,1000.  Again, three players.  CCU is #1 with RymCHR KDON 8.9-9.3-8.2 and 4th for Country KTOM 3.0-3.1-3.8.  Entravision scores 2nd & 6th as Reg.Mexican holds 6.7-4.9-4.9 and SpanishHits KSES is 3.7-3.0-3.4.  Mapleton Communications takes 3rd, 5th and 7th with HotA/C KCDU 3.7-4.6-4.1.  Jim Shea’s Mapleton now holds 7 stations with the recently purchased Rick Buckley A/C KWAV off 5.0-4.5-3.6 & Classic Rock KHIP 3.2-4.5-3.0, tied with KKHK 1.9-1.5-2.2 and SoftA/C KBOQ 1.3-1.8-1.5.  CCU News/Talk KION ties 1.9-1.5-1.5.  Ethnic Comp is 45% Hispanic with a total of 12 stations airing Spanish/Mexican. 14 stations DNS (do not subscribe), including 4 owned by Wolfhouse Radio Group and pairs owned by Lazer and Zwerling. Beautiful scenery.  Shares:  CCU 19.5, Mapleton 13.4, Entravision 9.4.

#91.  Springfield, MA.  536,900.  For years the now CMLS A/C WMAS/F has been #1 9.2-8.8-8.1 besting CCU Hot A/C WHYN/F 6.4-5.4-5.8.  3rd and 4th are also CCU as Talk WHYN/A jumps 3.5-3.5-5.0 and Country WRNX dips 5.6-6.9-4.9.  Entercom Boston Sports WWEI captures 5th 3.5-2.2-3.8 and well ahead of CCU Sports WUCS at .9.  Notes:  Davidson Media‘s Tropical pair of AM’s now subscribes and totals 3.2.  CMLS has only an AM/FM combo here with a DNS kilowatter complementing their #1 FM. The 6 station Saga cluster doesn’t register nor does Cutting Edge SmoothJazz stand-alone WEIB/FM. Shares: CCU 16.6, CMLS 8.1, ETM 3.8, Davidson 2.3     

#92.  Columbia, SC.  561,400.  Alpha Media takes the #1 & #2 share ranks with Urban A/C WWDM 11.6-10.5-11.2 and Urban Contemp. WHXT 7.7-5.9-7.7.  CCU follows with CHR WNOK 6.8-7.2-7.2 and Country WCOS/F 8.4-8.1-6.6.  CMLS Urban A/C WLXC 4.6-5.6-6.0 has 5th place.  Notes:  CCU has the market’s News/Talk WVOC 4.4-4.7-5.1 Alpha with the lone Rock WMFX 2.4-3.0-4.7 and Adult Hits belongs to CCU WLTY 2.7-3.6-4.2.  Sports CMLS 4.0-3.5-3.3 stays ahead CCU and CMLS while the 3 way Country race includes Davis Media at 3.6-2.5-2.4 and CMLS dipping 3.4-2.8-1.4.  Davis also shows AdultAlt. rising .7-1.0-1.4.  The Hot A/C contest shows CMLS WTCB besting Alpha WARQ 2.7 vs. 2.3.  7 stations are below the line, including 2 FMs.  Shares:  Alpha 25.3, CCU 23.6, CMLS 13.4, Davis 3.8.,

#93.  Colorado Springs.  527,500.  The usual two, CCU and CMLS and Salem are the subscribers.  CCU is #1 with Hot A/C KVUU 62-6.6-6.9 and 3rd for RymCHR KIBT 4.2-5.2-5.8.  CMLS is 2nd, 4th and 5th as CHR KKMG bounces 5.8-5.2-6.5.  4th and 5th place A/C KKPK and Classic Rock KKFM have an interesting share pattern Spring/Fall/Spring with KKPK 5.1-3.8-5.2 and KKFM 5.1-4.2-5.2.  Notes:  6th share rank CMLS Country KATC 6.5-5.4-4.5 ties CCU Soft A/C 4.5-5.0-4.5.  Close behind is CMLS News/Talk KVOR 4.7-4.6-4.4.  Next, Salem ContempChristian KBI and cluster mates Religious KGFT and N/T KZNT both at .6.  8 stations are non subscriber no shows , including 3 FMs.  Shares:  CMLS 25.8, CCU 17.2, Salem 4.9.

 #94.  Spokane, WA  526,900.  Here’s a market with three full clusters from national Clear Channel, regional Mapleton Communications and local QueenB Radio.  #1 Share is CCU Classic Rock KKZX 7.9-7.0-6.6.  Mapleton ClassicHits KEYF is a very close 2nd 4.9-6.9-6.5 and also has 3rd place but in a 3 way tie.  Mapleton Country KDRK 7.1-5.1-6.1 is in a dead heat with QueenB Country KXLY 7.9-4.9-6.1 and also tied with Mapleton Adult Hits KBBD 4.2-4.8-6.1.  Notes:  The Hot A/C fight has QueenB KZZU over CCU KCDA 3.0.  News/Talk pits CCU KQNT 4.5 over QueenB KXLY 3.3, tied with QB exclusive RymCHR KEZE 3.3 and Mapleton with the market’s only CHR KZBD also 3.3.  QueenB has exclusive Rock KHTQ 4.2 and CCU has the 3rd Country in town KIIX 2.4.  Another 8 stations don’t subscribe, 4 AM, 4 FM.  Very Close in Shares:  Mapleton 24.4, Queen B 24.3, CCU 21.4.

#95.  Lakeland-Winter Haven, FL.  520,100.  Very simple.  4 stations listed and nothing more.  It’s All Hall All The TIme with Hall Communications Country WPCV #1 10.6-10.9-10.6.  Following are cluster mates Adult Hits WWRZ 3.7-2.8-3.0, Talk WLKE 1.2-1.0-1.9 and Adult Standards WONN 1.0-1.5-.8.  Hall Total Share:  16.3. 

#96  Toledo, OH.  513,200.  All CCU and CMLS with a Toledo Radio stand-alone.  CMLS takes #1 Share with Country WKKO 10.5-10.1-11.2 and wins the 3 way Country race over Toledo Radio WPFX 4.0-3.6-1.5 and CCU Country WCKF 1.1   2nd, 3rd and 5th share ranks go to CCU CHR WVKS 9.0-8.1-8.1, Soft A/C WVRF 9.5-7.5-7.3 and Rock WOIT 5th 6.0-5.6-5.7.  Notes:  CCU Talk WSPD way ahead of CMLS Talk .5 and CMLS has the only market ClassicRock WXKR 4.0-4.3-4.1.  Just 4 non-subscribers, all FMs and three in the Urban format. Shares:  CCU 26.3, CMLS 24.5.

#103.  Visalia-Hanford, CA.  479,300.   Only CCU and Wilks Broadcasting.  CCU #1 Soft A/C KSOF 7.05.7-6.8 and has everything else except the Wilks combo with 4th share ModRock KFFR 4.3-4.4-3.2 and ClassicRock KJFX 1.4.  CCU 2nd and 3rd place RymCHR KBOS 5.1-5.4-5.6 and SpanishAdult KFSO 3.8-3.8-3.9.  All other stations have less than 1.6 share.  14 stations DNS, 8 FM and 4AM, including Momentum Broadcasting‘s cluster of 4.  Shares:  CCU 20.9, Wilks 4.4.

#105.  Johnson City, TN.  469,500.  Bristol Broadcasting is a huge #1 with Country WXBQ 22.7-20.9-22.9.  CMLS 2nd place Classic Rock WQUT is 7.7-8.4-10.2, Holston Valley Broadcasting A/C WTFM ranks 3rd 9.2-8.4-8.5, then Holston Valley ClassicHits WVEK in 5th with 3.8-3.0-3.9.  Notes:  Bristol takes 4th with CHR WAEZ 8.5-7.8-7.3.  The only format clash is News/Talk with Bristol WFHG 3.1 vs. CMLS WJCW 2.3.  Holston Valley Rock WRZK ties Bristol ModRock WTZR at 2.1.  A huge list of 24 stations do not post numbers, 18 AM and 6 FM.  Ethnic Composition is under 4.5%.  Shares:  Bristol Broadcasting 35.4, Holston Valley 14.5, CMLS 13.9.

#108.  Chattanooga, TN.  457,100.  CCU Country WUSY is #1 13.1-10.9-13.2.  Bahakel Communications Soft A/C is 2nd 6.6-8.4-8.9 and also have 5th with Classic Country WUUQ 5.5-5.8-6.0.  CMLS is 3rd with Classic Rock WSKZ up 5.9-5.3-7.1  Brewer Broadcasting UrbanContemp WJTT is 7.0-7.3-6.7. Notes: The CHR format is won by Bahakel WDOD 3.7 over CCU WKXJ 2.6.  CMLS Classic Hits WOGT 4.4-4.9-3.7 takes Brewer’s Classic Hits WPLZ HD-2 1.1.  CCU has format exclusives on Adult Hits WLND 2.1-2.7-3.4 and Rock WRXR 3.8-4.2-3.2.  CCU wins Urban A/C with WUSY HD-2 at 2.8 tops Brewer WMPZ 2.0.  CMLS has a Talk pair WGOW A/F at 5.2 and 2.2.  12 stations are showing 12+ numbers, 10 AM, 2 FM.  Shares:  CCU 25.2, Bahakel 19.6, CMLS 18.2, Brewer 13.7.

#114.  Roanoke-Lynchburg, VA.  435,900.  All Mel Wheeler and CCU with Mel Wheeler in control of the Top 3 with Country WSLC 11.8-11.5-13.5, Urban A/C WVBE A/F 9.3-6.9-7.7, A/C WSLQ 8.0-8.4-7.1 and 5th place for good measure as CHR WXLK 6.4-7.5-6.8, beats CCU CHR WJJS 5.2-4.9-3.7.  CCU has runner-up Country WYYD 5.7-5.5-5.3 and exclusive formats with Adult Hits WSFF/WSNX 4.5-3.3-3.6 tied with CCU Classic Hits 4.8-2.9-3.6.  Wheeler corners Talk with WFIR & WLNI totaling 4.2.  24 stations are below the line including 9 FMs, with Gary Burns Media Strategies cluster of 4 and a pair each from Todd Robinson, Tri-County and DJ Broadcasting.  Shares:  Mel Wheeler 39.3, CCU 23.2.

#115. Worcester, MA.  431,400.  CCU A/C WSRS  #1 9.9+11.1-10.5.  Cumulus #2 Hot A/C WXLO 5.2-5.6-5.7 and 4th ranked Classic Hits WWFX 4.8-4.2-3.4.  CCU Talk WTAG/A is 3rd 5.0-4.2-4.5 and ETM slides in from Boston with Sports WEEI/F 1.2-1.2-1.4 and a .6 for AM Talk WRKO.  CCU Oldies WORC is a one share.  Under the radar are 7 stations, all are AM except ETM 50kw Rock WAAF, which prefers to list in Boston.  Shares:  CCU 15.0, CMLS 10.1, ETM Boston 2.0.

With local operators growing into market leading positions, the case for effective radio – and political advertising – grows stronger.  Format trends are becoming obvious and company dominance in formats or markets gives a strategic indication of cluster coordination and ways to win.  A lot of markets to digest, but wait….There’s more!

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