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Clark-SmidtNow, another batch of Nielsen Audio results for markets in the Top 150; we’re posting Total Shares 12+ from subscribers.  The amount of detailed information compiled by Nielsen is a tremendous service for radio.  The 12+ broad strokes tell a story.  A top line number for every station in every market would tell more about radio’s strength and sustained service form the medium that delivers $6 worth of business for every one ad dollar spent!  Want to win your race?  VOTE RADIO: It’s Everywhere, wireless and free. Here’s our latest review of Spring  ’13 / Fall ’13 / Spring ’14 12+ trends and formats that are hot….and not:

We’ll tee off with Market 109.  Augusta, GA,  12+ Population 466,400. Subscribers are Beasley with #1 Country WKXC up 10.3-10.8-12.0 and Clear Channel ranking 2, 3 & 4th with A/C WBBQ 7.5-7.2-9.4, Urban A/C WKSP 7.9-9.0-8.1 and UrbanContemp. WPRW 5.-5.4-6.4.  Beasley checks in with 5-6-7 Talk WGAC 6.2-6.7-5.0, CHR WHHD 4.8-4.1-4.2 and Adult Hits WDRR 6.1-3.6-3.9.  Notes:  Ethnic Comp is 34.3% Black and 11 Urban/Gospel stations play on 10.  A total of 19 are below the line in DNS (do not subscribe) territory. Perry Broadcasting has a 5 station cluster with 4 FMs.  It would be interesting to compare apples to apples popularity of each format in all markets.  Shares:  CCU 30.3, Beasley 26.4.

113.  Ft. Wayne, IN.  438,700.  The match up is Adams Radio Group and Sarkes Tarzian taking the #1 spot with Classic Hits WLDE 7.6-5.6-7.2.  Adams Radio is 2-3-4 owning Country WBTU 5.9-4.7-6.1, 3rd place CHR WJFX up 4.1-4.5-5.3 and Classic Rock WXKE 5.6-3.7-4.5.  Sarkes Tarzian has a 5th place Hot A/C WAJI 5.0-5.4-4.0.  Notes:  15 stations are not allowed to show their shares, including another pair from Adams and Federated Media‘s 6 station cluster.  Shares:  Adams Radio 16.5, Sarkes Tarzian 11.2.

116.  Oxnard-Ventura, CA.  426,400.  Point Broadcasting leads the way with #1 RymCHR KCAQ 7.9-9.3-8.5.  Stand-alone Gold Coast Radio has #2 RegionalMex KMKA 6.2-5.3-7.1.  Cumulus takes 3rd with Hot A/C KBBY 3.3-2.3-3.2.  4th place has a 3 way 3.0 tie between CMLS Country KHAY 4.8-5.3-3.0, Point CHR KFYV and Point Talk KVTA 1.4-1.0-3.0.  Point also has a Classic Hits KOCP off 2.1-1.6-1.0.  Notes:  Just 7 stations (5AM/2FM) below the line and the ethnic comp is 51% Hispanic.  Shares:  Point 16.3, Gold Coast 7.1, CMLS 7.0.

117.  Modesto, CA.  424,900.  CCU #1 A/C KJSN 5.9-6.1-8.1.  Positions 2-3-4 are CMLS Country KTAM7.3-10.7-7.9, CHR KHOP 5.3-8.0-6.2, and ClassicRock KHKK 5.5-4.8-5.8.  5th share goes to Entravision SpanishAdult KTSE4.5-4.1-5.0.  Notes:  CMLS RymCHR KWNN 4.3-5.7-3.9 is followed by two RegMexican formats Entravision KMIX 4.7-93.9-2.9 and Adelante Media KBBU 4.5-3.5-1.9 in a tie with CCU Hot A/C KOSO 2.0-2.2-1.9.  Notes:  Ethnic comp. is Hispanic 41%.  6 stations listed without shares include pairs from LaFavorita Broadcasting and Threshold Communications.  Shares:  CMLS 25.5, CCU 11.2, Entravision 8.5.

118.  New Haven, CT.  423,700.  All but Yale’s WYBC/AM subscribe.  Meanwhile, #1 Urban A/C WYBC/FM is now part of the Connoisseur Media Connecticut pack and 8.7-8.0-10.4.  Co-owned Rock icon WPLR 8.5-8.0-6.9 is 2nd, CCU CHR WKCI #3 6.7-7.2-6.7 and CCU Talk WELI/A 2.4-3.5-4.1.  5th slot is held by Quinnipiac Univeristy Owned Adult Standards WQUN/A 2.4-2.3-1.6.  CCU Sports WAVZ also posts 1.6 to complete the market’s stations.  Shares:  Connoisseur 17.8, CCU 11.8.

119.  Morristown, NJ.   420,000.  Pretty much All New York, All the Time until you get to 10th place and local Townsquare Media’s Talk WKXW, up 1.5-2.3-3.5.  The other local subscriber in 111th & 13th is Greater Media combo Oldies WMTR 1.5-2.3-3.5 and Rock WDHA 2.8-3.9-3.3 to total 6.8.

120.  Ft. Collins, CO.  418,800.  CCU and Townsquare with Townsquare #1 Country KUAD steady at 6.5-6.5-6.4, #3 A/C KTRR 4.6-4.7-4.0 and 5th TSq. Hot A/C KPAW up 2.7-3.4-3.8.  CCU takes #2-4-6 & 7th: CHR KSME grows 4.2-5.7-6.1, Classic Rock KPAW 3.3-2.6-4.0, Country KXBG 2.7-3.9-3.2 and Talk KCOL 3.1-3.7-3.2.  Notes:  4 FMs, 5 AMs are under the line in DNS territory.  Shares: CCU 16.5, Townsquare 14.8.

123.  Victor Valley, CA.  411.200.  4 of the Top 5, total subs are Frontier Capital Partners has a #1 tie between Hot/AC KZXY 6.0-6.3-6.0 and Country KATJ 5.2-5.0-6.0.  Their Classic Rock KIXA slips 5.0-3.6-3.4 and 5th is Frontier Local Talk 2.4-1.6-2.6.  Notes:  Didn’t know Local CBS Sports has a High Desert Class A FM/AM combo with Classic Hits KBFG 2.0-3.-3.0.  NIFM! (New info for me).  23 stations are basically local but not reporting shares, including a six-pack cluster owned by KHWY, Inc. and Dos Costas Communications with 4. Shares:  Frontier Capital: 18.0.   

124.  Santa Rosa, CA.  More action here with a good shot of “San Fran Splash” thrown in.  CMLS KNBR Sports is the Giant batting #1 5.2-3.2-5.6, Redwood Empire Stereocasters is 2nd with A/C KZST 6.3-6.5-5.4, Sonoma Media Group is 3rd and 4th from Country KFGY 4.3-5.2-5.4 and CHR KHTH 3.0-3.5-4.4,  CCU UrbanContemp. KMEN ranks #5 3.3-1.3-3.6.  Notes:  Redwood Empire Stereocasters (great name) scores 6th with SmoothA/C KJZY 3.1-3.0-3.4 and adds Country KTRY to complete their cluster 1.7-3.9-2.2.  SF CBS News KCBS/KFRC shares #6 2.8-3.5-3.4 and Hot A/C KLLC at 1.8.  Local Sonoma Classic Rock KVRV at 3.3-5.2-3.2, Hot A/C KMHX 1.5-1.7-2.0 and News/Talk KSRO 1.5-1.5-1.8. The west coast arm of Sinclair Telecable shows AdultAlternative KRSH 2.2-1.3-2-3.2, Regional Mex KXTS 2.2-3.0-2.6, CHR KSXY 2.6-2.6-2.2, ModRock KNOB .9-1.7-1.0 and Comedy on KSXY-HD2 .6.  Only 2 Mexican oriented combos DNS from Lazer and California Broadcasting.  Shares:  Sonoma Media 16.8, CMLS 11.4, Redwood Stereocasters 11.0, CCU 10.0.

125.  Bridgeport, CT.  404,300.  NYC commuter territory.  3 stations subscribe, 4 local AMs don’t.  CMLS is #1 with A/C WE-BE WEBE 11.4-13.6-14.1 and long-time “Service 6” News/Talk WICC 8.0-5.7-6.8.  Connoisseur Media has as big signal for their newly enhanced all Connecticut coverage with the former Cox A/C WEZN 8.4-8.7-9.1. Shares:  CMLS 20.9, Connoisseur 9.1.

126.  Jackson, MI.  403,700.   One of Alpha Media’s new markets with #1 Urban/Contemp WJMI 9.3-9.5-11.2 and 3rd Urban A/C WKXI/F 9.5-11.4-8.8.  CCU is 2nd & 5th with Gospel WHLH 11.7-10.5-10.1 and Country WMSI 6.1-7.0-5.4.  New South Radio is 4-6-7 & 8th with CHR WYOY 5.4-5.5-6.3, Country WUSJ  5.6-4.2-4.3, ClassicCountry WJXN jumps .6-1.5-3.9 and Soft A/C WJKK 3.2-2.9-2.8.  Notes:  CCU Classic Hits WJDX ties WJKK with an almost identical 3.2-2.6-2.8.  CCU Classic Rock WSTZ/F ties at 6th rising 2.2-3.3-4.3.  Alpha Media’s 4 other stations combine for a 2.8.  Ethnic comp is Black 47.6%.  13 stations, 7 AM, 5 FM and 1 LP show below the line.  Shares:  CCU 24.8, Alpha 22.8, New South 17.3.

128.  Pensacola, FL.  387,700.  7 subscribers.  CMLS 5, CCU 2.  Bookends for CCU #1 Rock WTKX 5.2-7.0-7.0 and 7th share CHR WRGV 2.1-3.1-1.9.  The 5 in between are CMLS ranking 2nd through 6th starting with Country WXBM/F 5.2-4.7-6.8, Urban A/C WRRX 7.5-5.4-5.6, Talk WCOA 4.2–3.1-3.5, Soft A/C 4.0-3.1-3.0 and Classic Hits WJTQ 1.7-2.6-2.6.  Notes:  Non subscribers number 11 with 10 different owners, 8 AM, 3 FM and the lone pair is Wilkins Communications Religious AMs.   Shares:  CMLS 21.5, CCU 8.9.

129.  Palm Springs, CA.  362,900.  A bit more upscale variety with 19 subscribers from 5 owners and 4 DNS.  News-Press & Gazette ranks #1 with RegionalMex. KUNA/F 12.2-11.5-8.7 while their AM in the same format doesn’t post.  Entravision Communications is 2nd with SpanishAdult KLOB 8.4-9.0-8.0.  Morris Communications ranks 3rd as RymA/C KKUU goes 6.4-97.5-6.8 and Rock KCLB is 6th at 3.9.  RM Broadcasting LLC Country KPLM 4th 4.2-4.6-5.3 and 7th for RymCHR KMRJ 42-3.7-3.6.  The R & R Radio Corporation Hot A/C KPSI/F is 5th gaining 4.4-3.7-5.1.  Notes:  The rest of the R & R group includes Oldies KDES/F 4.4-3.5-2.7, AdultStandards KWXY 2.5-1.5-2.4, N/T KPSI 1.7 and Talk KPTR .5.  Morris adds Classic Hits KDGL, to tie Entravision Reg.Mexican KPST at 3.4, and Talk Trimulcast KNWZ/WQ/WH 1.7-2.0-1.9, HotA/C KKUU-HD-2 .5 and Sports KFSQ DNS.  Another CBS Local station is in the right place for Alpha Boomer Execs, A/C KEZN 4.4-2.9-2.9.  The RM Broadcasting cluster includes Soft A/C KAJR 4.0-2.6-2.4 and SmoothJazz KJJZ 2.2-3.3-1.4.  Morris Hot A/C KKUU HD2 registers 5.  Shares:  Morris Communications 16.5, RM Broadcasting 12.7 by “that proverbial hair” over R & R Broadcasting 12.5, Entravision 11.4, News-Press 8.7.

135. Shreveport, LA.  344,500.  4 Report Market, 12+ shares posted Fall ’13 / Winter ’14 / Spring /’14. Cumulus and Townsquare.  CMLS #1 UrbanContemp. KMJJ 11.3-11.3-9.9 followed by CMLS R&B Oldies KVMA 9.4-10.8-9.4 and 5th place Country KRMD 5.9-5.6-5.7.  Townsquare is 3rd-4th with Country KXKS 4.4-3.2-6.2 for the market’s best jump and A/C KVKI 4.9-4.9-6.0.  Notes:  Townsquare also ties itself with News/Talk KEEL 4.7-5.4-4.0 and CHR KRUE 4.7-2.7-4.0 while also serving up Rock KTUX 2.7-1.2-2.0.  CMLS has CHR KOHN 3.7-2.0-3.2.  13 stations not reporting, including 6 FMs, the Access 1 cluster of 4 and the Leon Hunt combo.  Shares:  CMLS  28.2, Townsquare 22.9.

137.  Springfield, MO.  337,000.  4 subscribing groups.  Journal Broadcasting Now Scripps leads with a big jump for #1 Country KTTS 14.5-14.4-20.2 and RymCHR KSPW 8.3-7.7-6.8.  CCU has share ranks 3-4 & 5 with runner up Country KSWF 4.0-5.9-6.6, ClassicRock KXUS 4.0-4.9-5.9 and Hot A/C KTOZ 5.9-3.8-5.4.  Notes:  Recently expanded Mid-West Family holds 4 stations including RynCHR KOSP 2.7-2.6-4.7, Rock KQRA 3.8-4.6-4.2, 3rd Country KOMG 5.98-3.3-3.1 and Classic Rock 3.5-3.6-2.6.  Journal completes their 4 station cluster with News/Talk KSGF A/F 4.6-4.6-3.8 and a big fluctuation on Adult Hits 3.0-4.9-1.6.  Meyer Communications offers 3 stations A/C KTXR 4.3-2.3-3.3, Sports KWTO/F 2.2-1.5-1.4 and Talk WKTO/A 2.7-.8-1.2.  7 below the liners include 3 FMs, another pair from Meyer, one from CMLS and Vision Communications Talk/ChristianRock combo.  Shares:  Journal 32.4, CCU 21.9, Mid-West Family 14.6, Meyer 5.9. 

Lots of information.  Wish there was more.  The big guys are big but Mom & Pop add to the economy, lifestyle and local service.  Maybe Nielsen will consider a very basic  share number for all.  We’re in the center of summer.  Fall Prep should be starting at your local station. Happy August.

BTW, I was one of many announcers, including Howard Stern who worked on-air at WCCC, Hartford.  Although I was back in Progressive MOR Daze owned by Elektra Records and threw the switch to stereo in ’67, the heritage rocker added lots of lifestyle influence around Greater Hartford.  Another One Bites the Dust as The Rock‘s big signal goes to EMF A/C Christian.  And, so it goes.

–Media Advisor Clark Smidt is using his 48th summer in broadcasting assisting confidential clients with Content & Business Development, Branding, AM digital connection, Strategic partnerships and advanced insights for Research Director, Inc. In Boston management since ’70 and Broadcast Advisor since ’82, Clark arranges and implements mass appeal formats with focus on 35+, Boomers, new business and political advertising.  No cost strategy adds income.

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