More on 7-Eleven's radio campaign


We spoke to 7-Eleven spokesperson Margaret Chabris on the details of 7-Eleven’s new multi-million-dollar “freshness guaranteed” ad blitz this month (2/6/08 RBR #25).

Chabris says most of the media that 7-Eleven buys is in radio. Much of this particular effort is done via a virtual, dedicated agency Omnicom’s Freshworks, driven by Tracy Locke/Dallas. Freshworks is actually a consortium of Omnicom advertising/marketing and promotional agencies that work exclusively for 7-Eleven and its general manager offices at 7-Eleven’s HQ. The media liaison in Dallas is Paul Solomons. The actual buy is via Omnicom’s PHD Chicago (Camelot Comm. used to be their media agency).

So part of this buy includes an agreement for extending the buy via 7-Eleven’s PR consultants that work with the stations to develop fun, excitement, contests, merchandising/POP/storefront banners. That also includes on-air reads and DJ chatter, promotions, remotes, van hits, coffee delivery to the DJs.  Some of this promotional activity will happen in all markets, but with a concentration in five markets.

30 second spots are in 40 markets except for the above promotional markets. They run three weeks in February. Market sizes range from Eugene, OR to LA and include traffic radio in six markets. Billboards, and bus signs and rail signs are part of the mix in certain focus markets.

| Listen to one of the spots here |